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    Houston TX Electrician FAQs

    We get asked a lot of questions, and to make things a little easier for our Houston clients we've compiled a short list of some of the most common ones for you to review. If these don't answer your question, feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to answer any question you have.

    Q. One of my breakers keeps tripping. What's going on?

    A. A tripping breaker could be a sign of any number of things, and we simply can't answer questions of this nature over the phone or online. Frayed wires, an improper connection at a fixture, a bad breaker, and a wide range of other problems may be causing the breaker to trip. We can narrow down the problem and correct it for you, but as for figuring it out without being on-site, it's hard to say.

    Q. How does your estimate process work?

    A. Some Houston, TX companies just try to measure a home's square footage and then multiply that amount by a base price to give you an estimate. We don't feel that provides the best estimate. Electrical jobs involve a lot of different things, and we believe in considering each of them before giving you a price. We'll take measurements and then consider other issues including material prices, fixture installation, and more. This way we'll give an accurate estimate. In most cases our estimate will be incredibly close or exactly what the final bill is.

    Q. What if I change my mind about something or if a problem arises? Will it change my bill?

    A. This really depends on the issue at hand. Minor changes probably won't influence the price of your installation in Houston, TX, but major changes or problems could. If something comes up, our electricians will talk to you about it and explain the ramifications so that you understand what it will do to your price.

    Q. How quickly can you repair my problem?

    A. Again, it's hard to judge something like this without being there to look at the issue. In most cases, minor problems can be sorted out in a few hours or a day at most. If a major issue is causing the problem, it could take longer.

    Q. My Houston neighbor's cousin offered to do my work for a case of beer. Why should I hire you?

    A. You wouldn't let some random, unskilled person perform surgery on you, so why would you trust an amateur to handle your wiring? We're fully insured and employ only the best Houston electricians in the field. When you hire us, you get quality results and full protection from our insurance. You won't' get that from an amateur, no matter what they promise.

    Why Houston Electrical Services Company?

    At Houston Electrical Services Company we focus heavily on reliability and attention to details, which is the foundation behind our flawless Houston TX electrical work. We have skilled and experienced Houston electricians ensuring to provide efficient and innovative solutions that will attain optimum results while reducing costs.

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